Energy certificate

An energy declaration is a proof of a building that shows the calculated energy performance and cost-effective measures without impairing the indoor climate. The declaration must also report reference values so that the building’s owners can easily compare their own building with other similar buildings.

The Act on Energy Declarations was statutory on 1 October 2006. Under the Act, one- and two-dwelling buildings are to be declared energy-efficient on sale or new construction after 1 January 2009, read more at the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

Our certified energy experts have since 2009 carried out over 5000st energy declarations. For us, quality is important, therefore we always carry out site inspections in connection with an energy declaration. And when we are still in place, be sure to ask.

Energy efficiency

We can help you with energy efficiency. You can be assured that our energy consultants do everything to ensure that your particular consumes as little energy as possible without impairing the indoor climate, we also help you to develop financial plans, investment calculations, measures and product options.

We know with experience that today most buildings have a great efficiency potential with often very small changes. Your savings start by contacting us.