House inspection

A transfer inspection is at Enspecta more than a statement about what is good or bad in a house. It is also a lesson of how a building works. All houses new as old have some kind of fault or flaws. At an inspection, we use all our senses, knowledge, experiences and, if necessary, a moisture indicator to look for risk constructions and damage to the building.

You will also know what is good and what you can expect from the house in the future so that you learn to understand the new house’s construction and properties. From an inspection you can then more easily decide whether this is the right house for you or not. Our main task in a transfer inspection is to carry out a building technical inspection of the building which is then recorded and results in a statement.

Apartment inspection

Is the bathroom professionally done? Is the maintenance on the apartment neglected, how does it look under the sink? As a tenant-owner, you are responsible for all internal maintenance of the apartment. An injury that arises in the apartment can cause major consequences, as this can cause problems throughout the building, therefore it is wise to have an inspection performed.

That both buyers and sellers know the condition of the apartment and what risks exist for a safer business.

When we inspect a tenant-owned apartment, we use the same proven method as when we carry out a transfer inspection, which means that we inspect everything that you as a buyer owe and at the same time warn of risk constructions or if something needs to be investigated.